Wednesday, July 24, 2013

97-Year-Old Grandpa Creates Incredible Art Using MS Paint

By Erwan Xiao, 24 Jul 2013

97-year-old Hal Lakso is proof that anyone can create something great, no matter the limitations. Also known as 'Grandpa', Lakso creates incredible art using Microsoft Paint on Windows 95. He was first introduced to the software by his family, long after he retired. Lakso, a former graphic designer, draftsman in the Army and typographer, now suffers from severely impaired vision. However, the ability to magnify on his computer has allowed him to spend up to ten hours a day working on his digital paintings.
His work, described as a “collision of pointillism and 8-Bit art”, has recently been on show in an art exhibition. Prints of his work can also be bought on his website.

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